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PaperDemon vs Red Curtain

PaperDemon.com is a place to showcase a wide variety of content. But there are some types of content that should not be seen by minors.

PaperDemon.com is sort of split into two websites. One is the regular PaperDemon side and the other is the RedCurtain side which can be accessed by going to http://redcurtain.paperdemon.com. The Red Curtain is a space reserved for adult content. Anything that could be considered not appropriate for minors is placed in the Red Curtain site. Everything else is in the more family friendly PaperDemon side.

Why separate it?

Puting the adult content in a separate section allows us to more easily prevent minors from accessing content they should not see. The Red Curtain is labeled with ICRA tags which means computers with parental control software enabled will prevent access to the Red Curtain. If you are a parent and want to protect your children from accessing the Red Curtain, please contact your Internet Service Provider and they should be able to provide you with information about Parental Control software. Also check out this About.com article about protecting your children.

A lot of members like the separation because it's also a way of proudly showcasing erotic artwork. There are a lot of art gallery sites out there that do not allow erotic artwork and the Red Curtain is a great haven for those artists that want to show their art.