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A User Group is kind of like a club. The groups section was created so that groups working together on a project or a group of people with a common interest could have their own custom galleries for organizing their artwork.

Types of Groups

Open - An Open group is a group that anyone can join. You do not need any approval to join the group.
Closed - A Closed group is a group that only certain members can join. To join a closed group, just put in a request to join the group and if one of the group leaders approves, you will be added to the group.
Hidden - Hidden groups are just that. Hidden. Only those that know about these groups can join them with approval from the group leader.

You can view a list of user groups by clicking on Groups in the Members Area Menu.

Joining a Group

To join a group, visit the Groups page by clicking on Members Area Menu > Groups at the top. Then find the group you want to join and click on the Join this Group link. If the group is an Open group, it will ask you to confirm whether or not you wish to be added. If the group is a Closed group, you'll be asked to state why you wish to join the group. This message will be sent to the group's leader for review. If the leader approves of your membership, you will be added to the group.

Adding Artwork to Group Galleries

To add artwork to a Group's galleries, you must first become a member of that group. Once you are a member, to add artwork to a group gallery just follow these instructions:
  • First click on Members Area Menu > Manage Submissions > My Artwork.
  • Click on [group galleries] underneath the artwork entry you wish to add to a group's galleries.
  • On the page that comes up it will ask you which group you want to add it to. Click on the group you want.
  • Next click the check boxes next to the galleries you want the artwork added to. Hit submit.

Starting a Group

All groups must first be approved by BogusRed. Just send BR a private message describing your idea for the new group and why you think it would be of benefit to PaperDemon.com. However, I think it may be more useful to just use a Google Group or something similar as our Groups system is an uncompleted feature.