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HC Announcements

New Domain

posted Jul 18, 2008, 10:31 PM by BogusRed

The help center for PaperDemon is now at a convenient to access url. Just go to http://help.paperdemon.com to find our help center!

New GIMP tutorials

posted Jun 17, 2008, 10:04 PM by BogusRed

I've written a set of tutorials on how to use GIMP, a free image editing program, to prepare your artwork for submission to PaperDemon.com

Blogs, reporting violations

posted Mar 30, 2008, 10:25 PM by BogusRed

I've added a couple of new articles about how to use the Blog feature and how to report a policy violation.

Migration complete!

posted Mar 1, 2008, 6:34 PM by BogusRed

I've finished migrating all of the help articles over to our new Help Center. I hope you find this new Help Center more useful than our old Articles section.

Migration in Progress

posted Feb 29, 2008, 2:54 AM by BogusRed

I'm currently working on moving all of the articles from PD's Help Articles site over to the new PD Help Center. I'm also updating any of the documentation that I see is outdated along the way and making some improvements. Eventually I'd like to also add lots of visuals.
I've completed migrating the following major sections:
  • My Account
  • Submitting Art
Hopefully the other staff of PD will be able to help keep up the documentation. After all the docs have been moved, I'll need to update all of the links on the site to point to the new document locations.

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