A Chatbox is sort of like a mini discussion area. It is intended for short one to two sentence messages. The main public chatbox appears in the Members Portal and the Chat Portal. It is similar to a shout box if you are familiar with that term.

A Chatbox is not the same thing as a chat room. In a chat room, as soon as someone posts a message, it appears on the page. A Chatbox is a little simpler and does not show messages as they are made. To see new replies, you have to click the Refresh button. It is designed for more drawn out discussions over a period of days, not for immediate discussions.

Other Chatboxes

Chatboxes can also be found in Groups and on some members profiles.

How do I get a Chatbox on my Profile?

If you'd like to have your very own Chatbox, you'll have to upgrade to a Premium Account.