Critiques are comments that you can post on Art, Writing, and Comic submissions. Just look for the Write a Critique button and a pop up form will appear where you can type out your comments to the artist. Be sure to observe the artist's critique preferences. This will tell you what kind of feedback the artist/author is looking for.

When replying to someone else's comment, be sure to click the Reply link found underneath a person's comment. When you use this, the first commenter will be notified when someone has replied to their comment.

Visual Critique

This feature allows a commenter to upload an image with their critique to help illustrate their comments.

Most often, the best way to give feedback to an artist requesting a Roast, is to download their art piece to your computer and draw on top of it (in a digital imaging program) and then upload the new image with your comment. You don't necessarily have to correct the artwork image but it would be good if you could draw on the image in red and indicate the areas of the drawing that could use improvement. On many art websites this is known as a "Red Pen Critique." We have fully adopted this useful teaching tool here at by creating the Visual Critique feature and encouraging Red Pen crits.

This feature is only available for commenting on Artwork submissions.

Inappropriate Comments

If you are being flamed or someone is not respecting your critiquing preferences or you are just getting really strange spam-like comments, use the Report to Webmaster link located under the offending comment. This link is not available in your inbox but is available when viewing the comments page of your art piece or by viewing the artwork.

There are so many comments made daily that the PaperDemon moderators do not have the time to review comments. It is your responsibility to report any offensive comments.

You also have the option of hiding any comments that have been made if you do not like the comments. Just click on Hide underneath the comment to hide it.
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