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Critique Preferences

There are currently 5 different critiquing preferences artists and authors can choose here at PaperDemon.com. We have different critiquing preferences so that authors and artists can tell their viewers what kind of feed back they are looking for.

Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden fruit means the author/artist does not want any comments on their work. When you click the "Write a Critique" button, you will not see the form for posting a comment.

You may want to choose this option for your really old artwork that you don't want to receive comments on.

Comfort Food
This option means the artist/author does not want any constructive criticism. They only want positive and encouraging comments. Sometimes we are feeling a little down or stressed out in our lives and all we want to do is draw or write without being criticized for our work. This is the time when we need the most encouragement for the work we've made. I suggest that if you are feeling this way, choose the Comfort Food critiquing preference.

Candy Coated
Candy Coated means the author/artist wants some constructive criticism but not a lot. The artist/author wants the delivery of the critique to be candy coated and sweet.

If you are a beginning writer or author, I highly suggest you choose this critiquing preference. You may not be ready for all of the negative feedback that you may get with the Roast preference. After you are feeling comfortable and are ready to work hard to improve your skills, you can move onto the Roast preference.

Potluck means the artist/author is not looking for any specific sort of feedback and anything is fair game.

Roast Me!
This critiquing preference is for those that really want constructive feedback on their work. It will often times include negative comments about your work so do not choose this preference unless you are ready for it.

A good Roasting is a great way to hear from your peers where your strengths and weaknesses are in your work. Visual Critiques are HIGHLY encouraged for artwork with the Roast preference.

All artwork and writing with the Roast Me preference are placed in the Crit Wall and Crit Library respectively. All experienced artists and writers are encouraged to go through the Crit Wall and Crit Library and offer some constructive criticism to their fellow peers.