Because of the FCK Editor's built in functionality, if you copy and paste content from a web page that has images on another server, the FCK editor will hotlink those copied images. So if you are copy and pasting your descriptions for your artwork from other sites like DeviantArt or SheezyArt and you have smilies in the body of your description, please remember to select and delete these smilies within the FCK editor after you perform the Copy+Paste action. A quicker trick is to copy the text, then paste it into NotePad, then copy that text and paste it into the text editor.

Hotlinking is when you put an HTML image code in a webpage on your site, when the image resides on someone else's server or website. Hotlinking to a server that you do not have permission to hotlink to is considered a big no-no on the web and is also against the site rules here at It is against PaperDemon's site rules to hotlink other webservers* AND to hotlink images residing on PaperDemon's server.

*you may hotlink to images that you have permission to do so; such as your own webserver.

Some websites have something called Hotlink Protection turned on. If you have hotlinked images from in the description of your artwork here at PD, you may see an image like this in your artwork descriptions instead of the image you wanted to have appear. This is because y-gallery has hotlink protection turned on and when someone tries to hotlink an image, you instead see a warning image.