We do permit the usage of strong language as long as it is not directed at a person and isn't excessive.

Respect the Crit Preferences of Others

For artwork submissions, artists can choose what sort of feedback they'd like. If they request candy-coated critique, it's not very nice to give negative criticism. Please respect the wishes of others. If you are feeling like dishing out some strong critiques, please check out the Crit Wall.


Due to the openness of our community and the type of artwork posted here, we sometimes find less tolerant folks popping up and voicing their opinions. Sometimes these comments end up being flames.

PaperDemon has very strict rules against flames. Flames are personal attacks against someone or derogatory comments about an artist or an artist's work. If someone is harassing you or flaming your artwork, please report it to us so we can take care of it. We don't want those losers ruining our good vibes. Comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise intended as hurtful to a particular group of people are not permitted. We have zero tolerance for that sort of behavior.