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Account Types

There are different types of accounts at PaperDemon.com and they are labeled with different icons and colors to distinguish one another. Below is a key showing the different account types. Detailed information about each account follows below the key.

Standard Account

A Standard Account is the account you start with when you sign up at PaperDemon.com. It does not cost anything to have a Standard Account but it doesn't have all of the same features as a Premium Account.

Premium Account

A Premium Account is a paid PD account that gives you access to additional features. Visit the PD Premium page for purchasing information. Around the site you will see members marked with a gold wing that signifies them as having a premium account.

For $3.50 a month you can upgrade your Standard Account to a Premium Account and get the following features made available to you:

  • Increased private messaging inbox (5,000 messages)
  • Private Message Folders
  • Increased Image Folio limit (50 images)
  • Profile Skins
  • Chatbox
  • Personal Art Folders
  • Multiple Blogs
  • Polls
We currently only accept prepaid payments through Google Checkout. Checkout does not yet have a subscription based charge plan but once they do we will start offering a service where you can pay as you go with your account.

Other ways to get a Premium Account

Sometimes we will give away free Premium Accounts for various reasons. Sometimes it is a prize for wining a contest and other times its for giving some sort of major contribution to the PD community.

Beta Tester

A Beta Tester account has all of the features of a Premium Account in addition to access to features that are currently under development. Most often, Beta Testers are selectively chosen by BogusRed to help test out features and are given free premium accounts for helping to test. If you are interested in becoming a Beta Tester, you can file your request through the Beta Tester group.

Locked/Closed Account

A Locked account is an account that has been closed.

Banned Account

Someone who has repeatedly broken the site rules or has committed a really heinous crime such as plagiarism is banned from the site. These accounts can no longer be used. A list of big offenders is available in the Hall of Shame.


Visit the Staff page for more information.


Visit the Staff page for more information.