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Every member has a Primary Blog to which they can post anything from diary entries, tips and tricks, reviews of movies, or anything they'd like to talk about. The Blogs section is not moderated and we don't have any special restrictions on what is posted to your blog. If your blog talks about things of a mature nature, please mark the blog entry as mature so that access to it is restricted to adults only.

Primary Blog Setup

To set up your Blog, go to Members Area Menu > Manage Submissions > Blog. Then under the Primary Blog heading, click on Create your blog! You'll then be taken to a screen where you'll define some parameters for your Blog. Once your blog has been created, you can start submitting entries to it.

Posting a Blog entry

To submit a blog entry, go to the Manage Blog page, Members Area Menu > Manage Submissions > Blog, then clicking on [post new entry] underneath the blog you wish to post to.

Extra Blogs

Members with a Premium Account can create additional blogs through which they can collaborate with other members. This might be a good way to provide club or group announcements. You also may want to create multiple blogs each focusing on a different subject. For example, you may have an Art blog that is just dedicated to talking about your art experiences. And then you may have a separate one for talking about movies.
To create an Extra Blog, click on Create a new Extra Blog on the Manage Blogs page.