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We understand that some content found on our site, particularly some content found in the Red Curtain, may be offensive to some people. For this reason we created Filters to allow you to hide content that you do not want to see. When viewing any gallery, thumbnails for content you've filtered will not be shown. A notice near the bottom of the page will tell you how many (if any) were filtered out.

The following content can be hidden with Filters:
  • Sexually Explicit Content
  • post-pubescent Shotacon (under age boys in sexual situations in the Red Curtain)*
  • post-pubescent Lolicon (under age girls in sexual situations in the Red Curtain)*
  • Yiffy Art (sexually explicit furry/anthro content in the Red Curtain)
  • Mythical Creature Erotica (sexually suggestive/explicit content involving mythical creatures in the Red Curtain)
  • Tentacles (sexually explicit content involving tentacles in the Red Curtain)
  • Yaoi (male homosexual content in the Red Curtain)
  • Yuri (female homosexual content in the Red Curtain)
  • Shounen-Ai (tame male homosexual content in PaperDemon)
  • Shoujo-Ai (tame female homosexual content in PaperDemon)
* Pre-pubescent and pubescent Shotacon and Lolicon are not permitted to be posted on PD.

Setting up Filters

To filter out explicit material or other material you may find offensive, click on Members Area Menu > Profile/Account settings > Filters. Put checks next to the content you wish to filter then click on Save Filters.