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Image Folio

The Image Folio is a place where you can upload images such as photographs of your family, your dog, fun ID cards, doodles, etc. You can upload just about whatever you want so long as it doesn't contain pornographic imagery or filtered content (yaoi, shota, etc). Your latest images will be shown on your profile page. You can also select one of these images to be displayed in your About Me section of your profile. This would be a good place to put a photo of yourself or one of those nifty ID cards you may have made in PhotoShop.

If your image contains mature content, mark it as mature when posting your images so that those images will be posted in your Red Curtain profile. You may choose to label non-mature images as mature so that you can have them in your RC profile if you wish.

To add images to your Image Folio, just go to Members Area Menu > Submit > New Photo. To edit previously submitted images, go to Members Area Menu > Manage Submissions > Image Folio (Photos).

If you have a Standard Account, you can upload a total of 8 images into your Image Folio. Upgrade to a Premium account to increase this limit to 50 images.