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Remember Me

The Remember Me feature puts a cookie on your computer that will automatically log you in each time you visit PaperDemon.com without asking you for your email and password. To enable Remember Me, simply click the check box that says Remember Me before logging in.

Be careful using this feature on a shared computer, such as a computer at a library or at school because if you stay logged in and someone else gets on the computer and accesses PD, they will have full access to your account! So be sure to click Logout at the top when you are finished working at a shared computer.

If the Remember Me feature isn't working for you, it may be because you need to enable Cookies on your computer.

If you want to disable Remember Me on a computer that you've already setup to remember you, just click the Logout link from the computer you wish to no longer remember and the Remember Me cookie will be removed.

Getting logged out after a long post?

Sometimes when you go to write a really long blog post, forum reply, or critique, you get logged out. This is because your cookie is set to expire after about 15 minutes of inactivity. The simplest solution to this is to turn on Remember Me.