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Subscriptions are a way to customize your browsing experience at PaperDemon.com by showing you only the content you have chosen to see. You can subscribe to your favorite artists' galleries and then when those artists post new artwork their work will be displayed on your Subscription Notifications page and on the Members Portal. You can also subscribe to Forums.

Subscribing to Art

Right now the only available artwork subscription is subscribing to an artists gallery. To subscribe to an artists gallery, simply view their gallery and click the Subscribe button. In the future we plan to add subscriptions for public galleries.

Subscribing to Writing

With Writing Subscriptions, you can subscribe to individual stories and be notified when a new chapter is posted. You can also subscribe to an author so any new writing updates they make will flow into your Members Portal page. Just look for the "Subscribe" button on your favorite authors story or profile.

Subscribing to Forums

You can subscribe to a Forum so that when a new topic or a reply to an existing topic is posted, you'll be notified when visiting the Members Portal. To subscribe to a forum, view the forum and click the Subscribe to... button on the top of the forum. You can also subscribe to a specific topic/thread. While viewing the topic, just click the Subscribe to... button to subscribe to a thread. Please note that if you are already subscribed to a forum, then you can't subscribe to any threads within that forum since you will automatically be notified when replies are posted in that forum.

How do I subscribe to comics?

This feature has not yet been implemented. But it's coming soon!