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What is a Moderator?

Moderators are members that have been kind enough to use their spare time to help keep PaperDemon a fun and enjoyable experience for its members. They handle enforcement of our site rules and also help members who need help finding their way around the site.

PaperDemon has two positions in its Moderating chain. Junior Moderators and Senior Moderators.

The Junior moderating staff handle going through all of the submissions on PaperDemon.com to ensure that submissions follow our site rules. When they find submissions that do not follow our guidelines they hand those works off to the Senior Mod staff. The Junior Staff also check to ensure that galleries are tidy and artwork is properly labeled.

The Senior Moderating staff go through and contact users about submissions that have been flagged by the Junior Moderators. The Senior staff handle almost all communication with site members. They also handle deleting artwork that doesn't meet our presentation guidelines or other site rules. They also quite often contribute to development and clarification of PaperDemon's rules.

How Moderators are chosen

The decision to add a member to the Moderator team is usually made collectively by the Senior Moderators and Administrators. We generally pick members that demonstrate that they have the following qualities:

  • have good understanding of the site rules
  • are trustworthy
  • understand basic Internet and computer skills
  • can commit time every week to perform their duties
  • can keep a cool head and be friendly
  • have been a contributer to the community for at least 2 months

We are almost always looking for moderators. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact us.