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My Artwork was Deleted by a Mod. Why?


The most common reason artwork is deleted on PaperDemon is because it is poorly presented. Please visit our Presentation page for more details.


The second most common reason artwork is deleted is because the primary element of the submission is photography. For the most part, photography is not allowed in our gallery. The only exceptions to this are photos of sculpture, photos of 2D artwork in the event that a scanner is not available to the artist, and if the artist uses a photo as a background element for a 2D drawing. Please read the photography help file for more detailed information about what sorts of photography are allowed. We also do not allow photo-manipulation, meaning taking a photo and painting ontop and/or adding affects to it. However, you are free to do photomanipulation techniques on your drawings.

In the case of 2D artwork using a photo as a background, if the photo appears to be too strong of an element of the art piece's composition the entry may be deleted. The main focus and a large part of the canvas must be the drawing.

As an alternative, you can post some of your photos in your Image Folio (Members Area > Submit > New Photo).

Image File problems

Sometimes posting an image file can result in broken preview and thumbnail images. It could be that your internet connection flaked out for a second when you were posting causing an upload problem. In other cases, the image failed to process properly because the image is in the wrong format.Be sure that your image is saved in PNG or JPG format. Simply changing the extension of a TIFF to jpg or png will NOT change the file format. You need to open your image in an image editing program and re-save it.

When working with the PNG format, be sure that it is either an 8-bit PNG or 24-bit PNG without transparency. Also be sure to flatten your file so that it is not in layers when you save it to PNG format.

Posting someone else's work

It is against our site rules to post artwork belonging to another artist. Often times members will post a request or commission that they purchased from another artist and posted it in their art gallery. This is not allowed and these images should instead be posted to the user's image folio. You also cannot post artwork by your family members.

There are exceptions to this rule however. In the case that the artwork is a collaborative piece, you are allowed to post it as long as you have permission from the other artist to do so and you properly credit the other artist.

Only your own work should be in the gallery.

Multiple Posting of same artwork

Members are allowed to post multiple versions of the same work as long as they are distinct. For example, the artist may decide to post a sketch of the work, then a line drawing, then the finished colored piece. However, multiple versions of the same artwork with very few visual changes is not permitted because the repitition in the gallery catches the viewers eye and gains that artist unfair extra exposure.

Also, members are not allowed to post an artwork entry, then delete it a while later and then repost it exactly as it was. This is seen as stealing extra front page exposure.

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