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My artwork was add/moved/removed from a gallery by a Mod. Why?

In an effort to create the best possible browsing experience for those viewing the galleries, we try to keep the galleries as neatly organized as possible. The galleries are there primarily as a convenience for those browsing, not those posting. It is for this reason that the site Moderators will often add, move, or remove artwork from certain galleries. The Moderators will almost always notify the artist if a gallery move/removal/addition has occurred.

Too many galleries

Some artists like to go overboard and pick every gallery that is even remotely related to their artwork entry. This will often result in a moderator removing the work from a few galleries or asking the artist to remove it from a few. The Moderators also don't like it when members post their work in too many galleries because it gives an unfair exposure advantage to the artist.

Visual Content

Often times artists will place an artwork in a gallery such as the Action gallery because the artwork is based on an Action anime such as Dragon Ball Z. However, if the visual content of the submission does not portray 'action', it should not be placed in the Action gallery. The same goes for all other galleries. The visual content must match the galleries chosen.

Moving from Original Art to Fanart

Some artists will choose to put their artwork in the Original Art gallery because they do not see an appropriate Fanart gallery. This is not allowed and when we catch it we will move the artwork to the appropriate Fanart gallery. If a fanart gallery is not available, the artist should instead place their artwork in one of the Misc galleries under "M."

Adding to something more specific

In an effort to save time, some artists will just pick the 'General' gallery instead of looking over the vast number of Genre galleries we have available. We don't think that's the best way for artists to get their work discovered so we will sometimes find a more appropriate gallery selection for the artist or ask the artist to change the galleries. We will also sometimes add an artwork entry to a gallery if we think that gallery best fits the genre of the work. In the end, the artist ends up taking more of their own time or the moderators time because of their shortcut.

New Galleries

Every now and then a new gallery will be added to the site. BogusRed will do a search for artwork that fits into that gallery and your artwork may be added to that new gallery.