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Personal Galleries

Personal Galleries is a feature only available to members with Premium Accounts.

Personal Galleries is a great way to organize your artwork in your gallery. You can create your own customized galleries with icons, short descriptions, and long descriptions. Visitors can access your Personal Galleries by going to your art gallery page, and right at the top are links to your galleries.

Another great feature about the Personal Galleries is that you can control the order in which your artwork appears in the gallery. For example, if you had a series of comic book pages posted on the site, you can create a personal gallery with the title of your comic, place the artwork in that gallery, and then click the Sort Artwork button and rearrange the artwork so that it appears in the order you want.

TIP: You can also use a Personal Gallery like a web page. See this example.

How many Personal Galleries can I create?

There is a maximum of 100 galleries per person including sub-galleries.

Can I place artwork in multiple Personal galleries?

Yes, absolutely! You can place an art piece in as many of your personal galleries as you want.