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Photography in the Art Gallery

What type of Photography is accepted?

Most types of photography are not allowed in our main Art Gallery. However, there are a couple of exceptions to this rule. Photographs of your own sculptures are allowed in the art gallery as long as they follow our Photography Presentation guidelines (see below). You may also use photographs as backgrounds to hand drawn artwork. However, you may only use your own photographs not someone elses and the primary elements of the image must be the hand drawn artwork, not the photograph.

What if my submission is not an accepted photographic piece?

You may instead post your photos in your Image Folio.

Photography Presentation Guidelines

These guidelines are primarily for photographing 3d artwork (such as sculptures). If your submission does not follow the below guidelines, your work may be deleted by a site moderator.

  • Photo must be in focus, not blurry
  • The setting should complement and does not distract from the piece. We suggest photographing it against a plain white background or against a solid-colored fabric. A natural or staged setting may also be acceptable if it complements the work.
  • The sculpture must be well lit.
  • The photo must be properly cropped. Anything unrelated to the presentation of the work must be cropped out.