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Request a Gallery/Library

To request a gallery, go to your Manage Artwork page. You can get there by clicking on Members Area Menu > Manage Submissions > Artwork. Find the entry that you want to have a new gallery created for and click on [public galleries]. From this page, click on the Please Request A New Gallery link to the right of the section that you'd like the gallery to be added to. Then just fill out the form that pops up.

When you request a gallery this way, the ID number of your artwork is emailed to me along with the name of the gallery you are requesting. That way I know what artwork to add to this gallery.

The same process applies for requesting new libraries. Just click on [edit libraries] next to your story in your writing page and look for the Request a new library link.

Requirements for New Galleries

If you request a new gallery, you must include links to at least 2 other submissions that fit in the gallery. They don't have to be your own submissions but can be submissions by another artist. Fanart and Fanfiction galleries/libraries are more likely to be approved than Genre galleries. We will only create a new Genre gallery if we think it will be useful to those who browse the site.

We try not to create galleries based on mediums (aka Charcoal, Pencil, PhotoShop, Oil Paints).
Requests for Aesthetic Concepts/Genres are considered very carefully. We want something that we think will be general enough that it will be usable by many submissions and not something so specific that only two or three entries will use.

Sometimes we can be a little slow with processing gallery requests. If its been a couple months and you haven't heard back about your request, be sure to contact us. We try to go through all of the requests once every month.