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Submitting Writing

The writing section is for Original Fiction, Fanfiction, Poetry, and Tutorials.

You can submit new writing submissions by clicking on Members Menu > Submit > New Writing Submission. Our writing submission is a lot like other sites like Fanfiction.net where you can post several chapters to a single submission.

Story Submission Form Explained

Does Your Story Contain Mature Content?

The first thing you'll be asked when starting the submission process is designating whether your submission is a mature entry or not. Mature writing is anything that contains strong language, lemon, citrus, yaoi, sexual situations, excessive violence, etc. should be labeled as mature. Mature content will be shown on the Red Curtain site (redcurtain.paperdemon.com) while all other content will be shown on the Paper Demon site (www.paperdemon.com).

Click the appropriate link and you'll be taken to the New Writing form.


In the Title field just type the title of your story. NOT the title of your chapter. The title of the first chapter is further down the form.

Writing Type

Select the appropriate type from the drop down menu.


Within a couple sentences, describe what your story is about. If it is fanfiction, be sure to mention the characters in the story. Make it interesting because the summary is what site visitors will read to determine whether they will read your story or not.

Critiques and Comments

Here you can choose exactly what kind of comments you are looking for, if any. If you wanted to, you could turn off commenting on your story by selecting Forbidden Fruit.

Cover Art Guidelines

You are not allowed to put any mature or adult imagery in your cover art.
You may use artwork you haven't drawn so long as you credit the original artist at the begining of your story (like in the author's notes section).
Images must be in either JPG or PNG format and be no larger than 500 pixels by 300 pixels. If your image is a little bit larger, the program will resize it for you. Do not upload images that are larger than 2 Megabites or they will not upload.

Cover Art (optional)

You can upload an image to accompany your story. A thumbnail of this image will be displayed next to your writing submissions. You can think of it like a book cover. What a neat way to add some visuals to your writing.

Chapter Title

Here is where you type the title of your first chapter of your story. If you have a story with multiple chapters, it is advised that you name each chapter to an event that corresponds to what happens in that chapter.

Chapter Body

You have two different options open to you with regards to posting the body of your chapter.
Option 1
One option is to upload an MS Word or HTML file containing the body of your chapter.

Option 2
The second option is to open up your writing document in your word processor, copy the text, and then paste it into the Text Editor. I suggest instead of using the keyboard shortcut to paste the content, instead click the little MS Word clipboard icon located near the top of the text editor. Feel free to make some formatting changes using the other tools in the editor.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write your stories in a word processor first, then copy-paste it into the Chapter body box or upload the file. If you spend two hours writing your story directly on the website, I will have no sympathy for you if you click the submit button only to find out you've been logged off of the website and have lost your work. PLEASE save a copy of all of your writing on your computer's hard drive or a diskette.

The Next Step - Libraries

After you hit submit on the New Writing form, you'll be taken to a page where you can categorize your writing. Here you can select whether your writing is Original or whether it's fanfiction and what show/game/etc. it is based on. You'll also need to specify what Genres your writing falls into. Hit Submit and then you are all set!

Need to make changes?

If you would like to make any changes to what you've submitted, you can find all of the controls for editing your submission by going to the My Writing page. You can get there by clicking on Members Area Menu > Manage Submissions > Writing.

Submitting a new Chapter

To add a new chapter to an existing story, you'll need to get to the My Writing page by clicking on Members Area Menu > Manage Submissions > Writing. From here, click [make changes to this story] underneath the story you wish to add a chapter to. Then click the Add Chapter button and a form should appear where you can upload your newest chapter.