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Common Writing Submission Problems

The contents of my chapter are blank

It is possible that the file you uploaded did not process properly. Be sure that your Word file is in .DOC format and not .DOCX. We do not yet support .DOCX format that Word 2007 uses. If your file is a .DOCX, you can do a Save As in MS Word to save a copy as an older format and upload the new file.

My Red Curtain Submission has all black text

For some strange reason when you copy and paste text from MS Word into the text editor, the font color will be set to Black instead of Default. This means that the text will be black in the Red Curtain area.

To fix this, edit the chapter of the story that this is happening in and click on Source in the text editor. This will bring you into HTML mode. Near the top of the code you should see something similar to this:
<font color="#000000">

Simply remove the color="#000000"  Then it should work fine. Either do that or stay in the regular editing mode of the editor, select all of the text and then change the text color to white by using the text color icon.