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My Writing was Deleted by a Mod. Why?

Blank Chapter

The most common reason writing submissions are removed is because there was an error in the upload process. If the body of your writing submission is blank, this most likely means that the file you uploaded did not upload correctly. Be sure that your file is either an html file or a Word 2004 or older format. We do not accept the newer .docx from Word 2007. We do not yet have the resources to process this document format. If you are using Word 2007, you can just do a Save As... to save your file in the older .doc format for upload to our site. If you are still having upload problems, try using our text editor instead. Just copy/paste the contents of your word document into the text editor and most of your formatting should carry over.


The Writing section is for Poetry, Fiction, and Tutorials. It is not a place for non-fiction (except for Tutorials), character profiles, journals, diaries, blogs, quotes, notes, etc. You may wish to instead post these sorts of things to your Blog.