GIMP: Creating a watermark

With all the art thievery going on around the net, its a good idea to watermark your artwork. This deters art thieves and makes it hard for someone to take your art and print it on items to sell.

Go to File > Open and find the file you wish to place a watermark on.
Select the Text tool in the toolbox:

In the text tool parameters area set what font you want to use for your watermark. I suggest using something that looks nice but isn't too complicated. Remember you want people to be able to read it. Trebuchet MS is s a good one. Once you've made your font choice, change the color to black. This is also in the Text Tool parameters palette.

Then when you're ready, click on your artwork image where you want the watermark to appear. A little text box will appear. In this box type your name or website address. When you are done typing, just click the Close button on the text box:

Now if you've decided the font size or font face you chose isn't working out too well, you can change it in the Text Tool palette just as you did before and changes should be reflected on your text layer. Speaking of layers, note that when we created this text, a new layer just for this text has appeared in the Layers Palette. From here you can reduce the opacity of your layer so that it gets that watermark effect. Just click on the text layer to make sure its selected, then grab the Opacity slider and bring it down to 15%:

Now you have your watermark. But you may not like the placement. If you want to move your watermark to a different location, first select the move tool in the tool box:

Then in the tools parameter palette select "Move the active layer." Be sure your text layer is the active one by clicking on it in the Layers palette. Then click on the watermark and drag it to a better placement.

Now all you have to do is output your final image file. On the window with your artwork, go to File > Save as. A dialog box will appear asking you for the name of the new file. Change the name to something else so you don't overwrite your original artwork with the watermarked one. Then click Save. It will ask you about flattening the image. Select Merge Visible Layers and click Export. The next box will have additional exporting options. The defaults should be ok. And here's the final image!