GIMP: Cropping

Often when you scan your artwork from a sketchbook, you'll need to crop it. Be sure to crop out any sketchbook rings, excess white space, etc. Also make sure the edge of the paper isn't visible as it creates a distracting black line along the edge.

First open your file. You can do this by going to File > Open and using the explorer window to navigate to your artwork image.

Next, click on the Rectangle Select Tool in the toolbox:

Now draw a rectangle over your artwork as you'd like your artwork to be cropped. Start in the upper left corner and click your mouse. Hold down on the mouse button and drag until you find the end of where you want the rectangle to be. Release the mouse button. If you need to adjust your rectangle selection, you can click on the handles in the corners of the rectangle to adjust. See example below showing a rectangle selection:

Now, in the same window as your artwork, go to Image > Crop to Selection.

Now your artwork is cropped! Don't forget to save your file.